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MiniBoards Works!

Finally, advertising that works without taking you to the bank!

Your target market is on the move. From social and community events to dining and working out, it’s an active group that’s difficult to reach with expensive traditional advertising mediums. MiniBoards offers you this market at one low price. With MiniBoards, advertising can be targeted by gender, location, age group and lifestyle.

Research shows that most people spend several minutes in public restrooms, on average, and that they are receptive to reading during this time. And, they remember what they read. Studies show that around three-quarters of diners in a restaurant will go to the washroom at some point during their meal. Clubbers go around 2.9 times during an average evening at a nightclub.  A study by Audits & Surveys Worldwide showed that 76% of public restroom users interviewed said that they remembered at least one ad from a restroom.

And we're not just talking about washroom advertising!  Our ad packages include ad ons for mobile, online banners and social media!

Our exclusive network of over 200 advertising display boards are strategically located in high traffic sporting and dining establishments throughout the Ottawa Valley. Your message is delivered to the right people in the right place at the right time.  When it comes to gender you don't get more-targeted audiences than in the washroom. It is the only medium that is truly gender-specific.  If you only want to talk specifically to men or women, this is definitely the place to do it!

Advertisements on MiniBoards are read longer and more attentively than other mediums. With MiniBoards, there’s no traffic to contend with, no stories to compete against and no clicking to a new page. There’s no distraction.  Readers spend 30 seconds to five minutes reading your ad. The audience is in a positive mindset and they are already spending money. Ads are positioned in places where they can’t be ignored.