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Frequently Asked Questions

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What about public image?
A common misconception about washroom advertising is that it has a negative impact on a business’ image. This is simply not the case. Extensive research has shown that audiences generally enjoy the advertisements, with up to 98% of those surveyed having had a positive or neutral reaction to the advertisements.

Who advertises on MiniBoards?
Many local business owners such as Herbal Magic, Gearheads, Valley Gunsmithing, Pembroke Hundai, Century 21 and Santa Fe Restaurant have also benefitted from our advertising boards.

Research shows that most people spend several minutes in public restrooms, on average, and that they are receptive to reading, and therefore advertising, during this time. And, they remember what they read. A study by Audits & Surveys Worldwide showed that 76% of public restroom users interviewed said that they remembered at least one ad from a restroom.

Already advertising in the Newspaper/TV/Radio?
Traditional mediums such as newspaper, television, radio and billboards are other great mediums to include in your advertising mix depending on your target market. They can also be very expensive and a "hit or miss" advertising venue.

Starting at just $4.00 per board, MiniBoards is the most cost effective way to advertise directly to your target market... men, women, age group, location and lifestyle.

MiniBoards provides your company the opportunity to always "hit" your target audience in a format that just can’t be ignored. Advertisements on our boards are read longer and more attentively than other mediums. With MiniBoard Advertising, readers spend at least half a minute reading about your company and product. There’s no traffic to contend with, no stories to compete against and no one to talk to during commercial break! There’s just no distraction. Not to mention, most people enjoy quality-reading material while using the washroom - a great opportunity for you to provide it!

But does it work?
How can it not work? MiniBoards places 11" x 17" full color ad boards in busy lobbies, waiting areas, women’s and men’s washrooms where they can’t be missed.

Research in the indoor advertising industry show that most people use the washroom between 30 seconds and four minutes. This is truly a captive audience. The same studies have shown that 92% of indoor ad viewers remembered the company’s name for days after viewing it, with 88% recalling at least four selling points in the ad. That’s after a single viewing. Since most people use these same facilities often, you’re branding your business in your target audience’s mind and getting ahead of your competition.

Restroom advertising can go beyond gender-specific ads. Depending on the restroom venue, ads can be targeted to specific groups such as sports fans, ethnic groups, or frequenters of jazz clubs, to name a few. For instance, data from an Audits & Surveys study found that 35% of customers who used restrooms in a particular nightclub were aged 18-24 years, 67% accessed the Internet at home or work, and 26% visited bars or nightclubs twice a week. This data allows businesses to target ads to their customers.

How can I maximize my R.O.I?
We're not just talking about washroom advertising here.  We've got cross-medium packages available that will spread your message to all corners of the Ottawa Valley... print, online, social media and mobile... we've got you covered. 

Plus, take advantage of QR Code placement in your ads.  These days our cell phones never leave our side.  Maximize your return on investment by allowing customers to scan your ad and automatically direct them to your website, a discount coupon, email address or phone number.